Codemy, an educational blockchain company, signed an MOU with Samseong Palace

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Codemy, an educational blockchain company, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Samseong Palace, also known as “Samseong-gung,” in Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, a crucial step towards promoting the creation of a blockchain system that connects the physical world of Gojoseon with the Augmented World.

The two parties held a Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony at the main lobby of Samseong Palace and agreed “to create a place of harmony and communication that connects the past with the future as well as the East to the West, by expanding the spirit of Hongik-ingan (Humanitarian ideal), who benefits the world widely through the augmented world.”

The two sides will open a forum of communication that connects Gojoseon to the Augmented World both on-site at the Samseong Palace as well as on Codemy’s blockchain. Through this forum, the values of Hongik Ingan (Humanitarian ideal), and Jae Seihwa (Transformational leadership) will be inherited and developed. In addition, both sides agreed to form a World Cultural Heritage (UNESCO) registration promotion group to preserve cultural heritage.

Codemy and Samseong Palace are planning to develop a comprehensive infrastructure for visitors by using the wide terrain along the outer side of the Samseong Palace. The Palace will develop online and offline venues for culture, tourism, art, education, and leisure activities from Gojoseon to the Augmented World. Construction of a resort equipped with the facilities of a futuristic society such as artificial intelligence, automated driving, drones, and machine-learning is expected to proceed.

Codemy’s first move will be to form a promotion group for a UNESCO listing. The main palace of Samseong Palace is well-known as an exotic and mysterious space in harmony with the emerald-colored lake. The 1,500 sotdae stone pyramids found throughout the grounds of the palace were built by Min-ju Kang and his monks for about 50 years; these attractions bring tens of thousands of tourists on holidays, despite the fact that the Palace does not promote or advertise itself at all.

In order for Samseong Palace to be inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it must be “representing masterpieces of human creativity,” “unique or at least exceptional evidence of a cultural tradition or civilization that has already disappeared,” or display “an existing tradition, idea or creed, art and literature of outstanding universal importance,” and(or) also “be directly or visually related to the work.”

Codemy plans to allow visitors to enjoy the traditional cultural heritage at the main grounds of Samseong Palace while also experiencing an augmented world that moves back and forth between the past and the present at the outer palace.

On the other hand, Seonsa Hanpul of Samseong Palace has carried out the “Heon(Old) Village Project” with the intent of preserving tradition while also paying respect to President Park Chung-hee's “Saemaul (New Village) Project,” which had laid forth Korea’s foundation for economic development and modernization in the 1970s. The Palace also now possess national treasures such as calligraphy and culturally-significant paintings. Samsung Palace plans to build an exhibition hall for the Heon(Old) Village Project to display all its works and make its art available as Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) by linking them with Codemy.

Reported by Joshua Park stationed in Los Angeles, California

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