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In a modern society overflowing with information, why is it that 64% of students across the globe have put their educational aspirations to a hold?

Economic strains and poor family environments seem to be the most significant factors behind the suspension of education for so many students worldwide, as millions face tremendous difficulties to afford tuition expenses each year.

To prevent this from happening again, Codemy’s mission is to create a new educational e-cosystem.

Codemy was founded on the belief that everyone in the world, from young students to adults, should have the right to accessible education, regardless of their living circumstances, their home environment, or their cultural background.

Is it possible to earn money while studying?

Is it possible to prepare for the future while studying?

These are the worries many people have while preparing for a new stage in life;

Codemy addresses this issue by building an e-cosystem where students can earn rewards while studying based on its innovative token-reward system.

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Codemy's e-cosystem is based on a blockchain, cryptocurrency, and an augmented worldview.

In this era, transparency is essential.

And the augmented world, an extension of the real world, has the potential to become second-nature in everyday life.

Additionally, various stores of value are emerging.

Codemy has the potential to expand not only in Korea, but also in developing countries with blockchain, crypto-currency, and augmented worldview where everything is recorded.

Codemy’s target audience is anyone who pursues beautiful values.

In addition to the traditional curriculum and vocational training,

Arts such as dancing, painting, writing, and health,

As well as future education to lifelong education tailored to each learner's lifestyle, Codemy is open to providing all types of learning experiences.

For this reason, Codemy is closely connected with existing MOOC platforms such as K-

MOOC and Coursera, and

We are preparing to operate our certification and completion programs by providing content creators with an opportunity of self-reliance.

In addition, we have established a system for enhancing the quality of education even in situations where face-to-face experiences aren’t possible by providing an online platform for in-depth learning and inducing learning with rewards.

We are now living in a non-face-to-face society due to COVID-19.

Educational systems are collapsing,

The World faces a difficult situation to discover new talent amidst all the dramatic societal, cultural, and economic shifts.

But with Codemy, you can turn despair into opportunity.

All courses and activities that learners take are rewarded according to a specific criteria.

Codemy will provide a learning space where the training process and results are recorded fairly, and feedback from instructors can also be checked at any time,

As well as providing a new creative space for creators where educators can start classes and get rewarded without worrying about copyright.

In addition, Codemy will be a space where recognized institutions, ranging from companies to schools, can transparently measure the capabilities of each learner’s talents and apply their evaluation criteria to discover great talent at a low cost.

Codemy, which can harmonize learners and educators, as well as institutions and countries, will lead the education field in the 4th industrial age.

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Codemy provides appropriate rewards to everyone who operates within its own ecosystem.

Coins provided by Codemy will be used for the payment of paid lectures, settlement of advertising fees, and provision of certificates of completion and degrees.

The coin will also serve as a currency for Talent matching services with companies

Use in online and offline shopping malls and trading on the NFT platform,

It can be used in endless places, including e-book services.

Codemy's journey is fast, certain, and specific.

Codemy, which has built a robust platform through design, development, and testing over the past three years, Codemy has been conducting research execution, business model expansion, brand setting, and patent registration for educational platform contents.

Now, we are seeking to diversify our business into Asia, developing countries, and the Third World, as well as North America and Europe.

Starting with its re-launch with Solana-based coin system in Korea and developing countries such as India, Vietnam, and Indonesia in October 2021,

Codemy is still on the move, aiming for a massive expansion with a worldwide pilot service in 2022.

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Education is the task of rearing a giant of a new age,

At the same time, it is a life partner that we all deserve to enjoy, enjoy, and share.

Codemy does not believe that education is merely a time to prepare for life, and thus a time to endure.

Education must go hand in hand with real life and be connected harmoniously.

Therefore, Codemy, until the new, augmented educational ecosystem becomes natural,

will always be with you.

Earning while learning, Saving while Learning

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