Codemy plans to make an NFT of COD artwork

Los Angeles, CA ― On October 5, 2021, Russian 3D artist, Andrey Prokhorov, designed the artwork for the Codemy Coin 3D. Mr. Prokhorov works in the field of scientific visualization as well as industrial design, with abstract illustrations being one of his specializations as an artist. Readers can see his other works at this link:

In the Codemy coin design, people can see “COD,” an abbreviation of CODEMY, at the center of the coin.

Near the top of the coin, they can see “Edu. Solution,” short for “Educational Solution.”

Codemy’s two catchphrases, “Earning While Learning” and “Saving While Learning,” are found near the bottom of the coin’s design.

A representative of Codemy said that the company plans to use this artwork for its homepage design, press releases, book content, white paper, as well as other company-related documents. The representative added that Codemy would make an NFT of this artwork.

Reported by Joshua Park, Codemy Writer stationed in Los Angeles

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