Codemy's first book, “A picture of what a post-pandemic world may look like,” was published

Education blockchain Codemy and Gugguro Media of Korea, an organization that researches future education, jointly published an English book that diagnoses the long-term outlook of the global economy and society.

The book, titled “A picture of what a post-pandemic world may look like,” was published on November 9. Author Joshua Park summarizes, organizes, and analyzes the post-pandemic social and economic prospects of medical experts, political leaders, and prominent futurists.

Park, a University of Southern California (USC) alumnus and journalist, emphasized the importance of education when the world faces a crisis of uncertainty, stating, "It may be impossible to read the future, but it is possible to prepare for it by educating ourselves with data. In a time where political leaders seem to be driven more by partisanship over data-driven decision-making, the onus is on average citizens to steer their leaders towards practical and helpful legislative practices.”

Park also posed many essential questions on how the pandemic will affect infrastructure across the globe, and throughout the book, he seeks to provide answers from a data-driven viewpoint. Some of these questions were:

Should our leaders consider universal basic income (UBI) in the long run? How does transportation look in a post-pandemic society? How can we reduce the possibilities of such a pandemic from happening again? How can nations achieve the appropriate balance between public health and individual rights?

Park emphasized how crucial rationalism will be in addressing these questions. He explained that instead of asking, "Is this policy a left/right solution?", we should ask ourselves, "Is this policy the most effective and efficient solution?"

He concludes by arguing that this choice between partisanship and rationalism will decide whether nations will prosper or fall apart in the upcoming era: “During this crisis, we have to decide whether to fall into political tribalism or wake up and focus on data-driven people. This choice will determine whether we will thrive or wither in the post-pandemic world.”

Codemy, an educational blockchain company, plans to provide a service to give its users access to books in English as well as many other languages ​​on the Codemy platform, which will be launched next January.

Co-publisher Gugguro Media announced in their statement that readers can have early-access by purchasing the e-book from Google Play ( or Google Books ( for a discounted price of 8,100 Korean Won (the regular price is 9,000 Won) months before it is uploaded to Codemy. In addition, parts of the book are also available to be read for free on Google Books.

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