Codemy signs an MOU with Monthly Magazine Diplomacy

Dr. Limb of Diplomacy and Dr. Park of Codemy

Education blockchain Codemy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to digitize contents with the Monthly Magazine Diplomacy (referred to as “Diplomacy”), a publisher of English-language journals pertaining to public diplomacy since its establishment in 1975.

Codemy and Diplomacy agreed to digitize all of its monthly journals published in paper form since 1975, post them on Codemy’s blockchain, preserve them as permanent data, and convert them into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Codemy plans to contribute to further enhancing the value of original paper materials by converting digital materials into NFTs.

The content of the MOU included cooperation between the two parties while establishing and operating the ‘Graduate School of Global Leadership’ (tentative name) to nurture leaders of a future society. The Graduate School of Global Leadership is a future educational institution that provides full scholarships to young people who want to become national leaders in the Third World as well as learn about Korean leadership, servant leadership, and future education.

In addition to this, the two sides have also agreed to publish three books. One book covers leadership and is drawn from Mr. Thok Kyu Limb’s experiences of meeting various presidents, prime ministers, kings, and UN secretary-generals since 1975. The book will also reference the memoirs of Chairman Limb, which includes stories of civilian diplomacy and its importance in preserving a country’s international relations. Both sides plan to publish both e-books and paper books.

Chairman Limb, who operated the monthly magazine under the motto, ‘Diplomacy is to make friends,’ has interviewed more than 500 foreign leaders over four decades, simultaneously building a network of more than 500 advisors consisting of world-class figures. From being a major influence on United Nations Command Chief of Staff John Singlelove (who played a major role in dissuading US President Jimmy Carter's plans to withdraw US forces from Korea) to his role in helping Korean diplomat Ban Ki-moon to be elected as UN Secretary-General, Limb’s success in international diplomacy cannot be understated.

Codemy and Diplomacy are looking forward to this partnership with aspirations to make a positive change for the future, one where leaders are cultivated with a futuristic mindset and trained as servant-leaders.

Written by Joshua Park stationed in Los Angeles, California

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