“Conversational News with AI.”

Codemy is an educational blockchain that uploads lectures from prominent leaders across various industries. At the same time, the platform provides opportunities to post self-produced content and emphasizes the importance of future education. For example, one project we are planning is called “Conversational News with AI.”

Codemy's English-speaking reporter Joshua Park has been talking to Davinci, an AI assistant built by OpenAI with GPT-3 technology to prepare content for this project. By asking Davinci about his latest interests, Park can assess the AI’s current level of knowledge while also examining its conversational skills.

This process has simultaneously been a learning experience for Park, allowing him to develop the skills necessary to treat the AI as if it were a friend, which can be referred to as “AI media literacy.” Daewon Yoon, the ICT Convergence Department of Electronic Newspaper desk, emphasizes the need for AI media literacy, saying, “It is surprisingly easy to acquire AI (media) literacy. We should get into the habit of thinking about whether AI technology is applicable to each small phenomena that we pass through in our daily lives. Then, we have to decide if the AI ​​can do a job better for us.”

In this project, Demy acts as a questioner for Davinci. Our goal from this project is to examine the dynamic between Demy and Davinci, an AI assistant.

Can Demy become friends with Davinci? Or will Davinci be a secretary or a helper? What kind of relationship will Demy maintain with the AI while sharing the latest issues with Davinci? This is our biggest AI media literacy question.

Reported by Bradley Park and Joshua Park. Joshua is stationed in Los Angeles, California.

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