Introducing Codemy's new co-CEO: BK Park

Dr. Byung Kee Park is an educational expert who specializes in futuristic education, and he is the co-CEO of Codemy, an educational blockchain corporation that seeks to make both quality education and cryptocurrency accessible for all people across the globe. His experiences as a professor, lecturer, pastor, and U.S. Army Reserve Chaplain have created a passion for using his leadership skills to promote the expansion of educational opportunities for all people, and especially for those living in Third World nations.

Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1970, Dr. Park himself grew up in a developing nation going through economic and social instabilities. Through a commitment to making the most of all his educational opportunities, he was able to immigrate to the United States and earn his Bachelor’s in Linguistics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

After years of working as a sportswriter, Park began pursuing a career as a pastor, first by being selected as an Army Reserve Chaplain as well as receiving training in the branch’s leadership course, and then by earning his Master’s in Intercultural Studies at Fuller Seminary. Next, Park pursued a doctoral degree at the Bakke Graduate University, eventually becoming a Doctor of Transformational Leader in 2016.

After finishing his educational career, Park moved to South Korea and founded a non-profit organization named Gugguro Media Institute in 2017, which was created to discover methods to improve the future of youth education and talent cultivation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era (FIRE), an age where the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds have been blurred. Dr. Park has published twenty books over the course of three years, most of which are directly related to the issues of future education in a rapidly evolving technological era.

On August 6th of 2021, Park was recruited as a co-CEO of Codemy. Along with founder Jung-Hyeon Hwang, the corporation is shaped by an innovative vision to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution by integrating future education with the cryptocurrency market. Since its establishment in 2018, Codemy has undergone years of development and plans to have its coin listed on Korean cryptocurrency markets in the Winter of 2021 and an American coin exchange by early 2022. Park will contribute with his expertise in futuristic education, helping the company move into its next stage of development by connecting with other educators and pursuing educational content that will be promoted on Codemy’s platform.

Reported by Joshua Park, stationed in Los Angeles, California

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