Codemy, a blockchain-based online education platform, hires new CEO

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

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EUNPYEONG-GU, SEOUL, KOREA, August 11, 2021 / -- Codemy, a first-generation blockchain platform in the education sector established in 2018, announced on August 6th its recruitment of future-education expert Byung Kee Park, head of the Gugguro Media Institute, as a co-representative to help prepare for its second-generation platform. Jung-hyeon Hwang, CEO of Codemy, said, "We hired Dr. Byung Kee Park, a future education expert, as a co-representative of Codemy to aim for the second stage of our company after preparing for the blockchain platform for three years." “Utilizing the infrastructure and experience accumulated so far, as well as co-CEO Park Byung Kee, a future-education expert, (we) will connect educational content so that anyone in the world can enjoy the highest level of academic content while receiving rewards as long as they are connected to the Internet,” Hwang continued. “Furthermore, we have prepared a system that links them to certification and employment.” With a desire to make education free and accessible for everyone globally, Mr. Hwang decided to create a blockchain system that would integrate education with the cryptocurrency market. Since announcing this project during a blockchain conference in 2017, he has been preparing the platform for the public, with hopes of providing academic content while rewarding users with virtual coins. Co-CEO Byung Kee Park said, “The motto of Codemy is ‘if you become a friend of Codemy, your dreams will come true.’ I have developed this a little bit more and added the catchphrases of ‘Earning while learning’ and ‘Learning while earning.’” As for why he joined Codemy, Park noted the resilience of both the company and Mr. Hwang over the years. “Many of the blockchain companies that started in 2017 have been closed down, but Codemy has survived until now,” Park said. “This is because CEO Hwang has the courage and faith to believe in the value of this work.” When the two co-representatives signed the contract, they agreed to donate 2% of their coins to a foundation that helps single mothers. With Codemy’s plans to launch its new coin on October 1st, the public should watch for any updates in the near future. In addition, Codemy plans to become a global company by establishing branches in India, Vietnam, and the United States to create a global educational e-cosystem.

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