What kind of platform will Codemy create?

What kind of platform will Codemy create?

Are you curious? This article will seek to answer some questions you may have about Codemy’s vision.

Codemy plans on initially creating its platform through staff who upload lecture videos - after further development, Codemy intends to build upon this structure by allowing anyone to post lectures or upload content on its platform.

As you upload content or engage with it by clicking on the “like” button or leaving a comment, you will be able to accumulate coins over time.

Our catchphrase is “Earning while Learning.” Its literal translation from Korean would be “studying and earning coins at the same time.”

As you earn your coins, you can use them to watch high-quality paid lectures, enjoy your time at hotels, resorts, or any other companies that accept cryptocurrency as payments, or even cash out on your coins. If NFTs are integrated into our platform, they will also be acceptable forms of payment for our content.

Will the coins be worth it?

Firstly, they will be listed on exchanges across the globe, spanning from South Korea, Singapore, India, and the United States. Codemy will receive significant investments to launch this platform and continues to look for any further investment opportunities. Most importantly, since Codemy was created to distribute educational content and coins to citizens of developing countries, this coin's value will naturally rise as these nations continue to industrialize and its citizens start entering the cryptocurrency market in masses.

When masses of people gather, cryptocurrencies inevitably become valuable. This seems to be the phenomenon not just for companies like KakaoTalk, which initially had no profit model but became a giant corporation when many people gathered on the platform, but also for coins like Dogecoin, which at its core have no fundamental value and yet has far more than 100 billion coins in circulation.

Codemy plans on giving 50% of its coins to general users, establishing itself as a company that works for global citizens, a vision that contrasts the self-serving models of many giant corporations. Simply put, Codemy seeks to be a company that feeds the world, both through educational content and through cryptocurrency!

What kinds of lectures will be uploaded?

Initially, we will move forward in an all-participatory format, providing interesting educational-related content to citizens of developing countries.

The video attached below is an excellent example of the idea of ​​everyone participating.

SG Yang will lead 'SG's three-minute economy' as the youngest instructor of Codemy.

Like SG, the Codemy platform is a place where all participants can become instructors or writers and a space where coins can be accumulated and an e-cosystem can be created even by merely engaging with the content by leaving a like and a comment.

Codemy is expected to be fully operational by January 2022.

Currently, the planning and development team is working hard on this second-generation platform, it will be displayed for the public to see in January 2022.

Reported by Joshua Park (, stationed in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

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